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Tiago Abravanel takes a reality check at BBB 22



During the preparation of the BBB 22 cast for this Friday’s party (28), Tiago Abravanel had a reality check when he discovered that a R$ 150 sneaker is considered expensive for Jessilane Alves and Natália Deodato. In the dressing room, the girls talked about the costumes and celebrated the fact that the look sent by the production for the Boteco party was complete.

The teacher and the nail designer said that the sneaker they sent was really cool, that they couldn’t buy it because it’s an expensive shoe. “This sneaker here? It’s not. Not this one!”, replied the actor.

The two said that for them the accessory was above the amount they could pay. Tiago then asked: “how much does an expensive sneaker cost you?”. The mining company estimated the price to be in the range of R$ 150, and Jessi added: “R$ 150 for me is expensive”.

“For us today, it’s an expensive thing. That’s what we’re explaining to you. It’s a matter of reality. They are different realities”, argued Natália. That’s when Tiago decided to change the direction of the conversation and tried to be optimistic. “But you can be creative within your reality,” said Silvio Santos’ grandson.

“Minimally, understand?”, replied Natália, while helping Naiara Azevedo with the babyliss. “Faggot, I looked at your suitcase and there’s nothing uncreative,” said Abravanel. Natalia had to explain that half of her suitcase was made up of items sent by the production of Big Brother.

Former BBB Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, responded to a tweet about the history of expensive tennis and said that in his edition he occupied the same place as Natália, receiving help from the program’s team to compose his luggage during the confinement. “I am proof of that! Production literally did that for me and I will be forever grateful,” wrote the economist.

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