Top 5 Massive Games Already Released This Year



This year is the end of the eighth generation. It’s been a weird one full of amazing games. With us not really knowing anything about what the Switch is doing. We have no clue when the release date for both of the ninth generation of consoles. Let’s have a look at five amazing games that have already been released this year 


5. Ghost of Tsushima  


Let’s start with one of the most recent ones. Ghost of Tsushima arguably the latest biggest game to be released and acts as the last big exclusive to be released from Playstation until the release of the next generation. Ghost of Tsushima is inspired by Japanese history as you defend Japan from the first Mongolian invasion. It ended PS4 on a massive high and for anyone with a PS4, if you haven’t played it yet, you need to play this. PS if you like foxes, you pet a fox. 

4. Gears Tactics


This one could be slightly overlooked due to being an exclusive on Xbox One and a spin off from the original series. That being said though, if you have an Xbox One this is a must buy. Taking inspiration from Xcom but mixed with the Gear of War universe. It’s a game we never knew we wanted/needed until it was made. If you don’t have an Xbox One, you can play it on the Xbox Game Pass which makes it possible to play on your PC so it’s a must play if you have a PC or Xbox One. 


3. Doom Eternal 


This is one of the games that is still going strong with just announcing that a DLC is coming to us. It might be the best time to jump into this game. It’s also getting a free upgrade to the next generation when you buy it on this generation. If you’re planning on getting this game at some point, now would be the best time. If you’ve played the last Doom game, you’re going to like this one as it’s very similar but turned up to the max. We would go over the story but who cares! It’s a FPS where you destroy demons. 


2. Animal Crossing 


If you thought we were going to miss this one out, you were dead wrong. This Nintendo Switch exclusive blew up on release and is still selling very well now. It also has promise to be supported for a while with added content. The game is pretty simply really you’re put on an island and you make it your own. On paper, it’s simple but this game just gives you so much freedom of how to customize your island. The possibilities are endless. 

1. The Last of Us Part 2 


One of the most sold games on PS4. The Last of Us Part 2 changed a bit since the first game, making it a lot more like playing through a film. It did kind of get mixed reviews for the story and some of the combat changes. The game though is the closest thing to actually playing through a film and with that feels like a big change for gaming. It felt like this was one of the reasons why it had mixed reviews. The game though is one of the best plays of the whole year arguably, even if you’re not sure about this game, you should experience it to know yourself. It feels like this is the future of gaming.  

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