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Tourist dies in front of his wife trying to jump into the sea in a Mediterranean resort; strong images



One woman filmed her husband’s death in Malgrats, a small island in the resort of Magaluf (Mallorca, Spain), in the Mediterranean Sea.

Shocking pictures show 31-year-old Dutch tourist jumping off a rock, from a height of about 30 meters. But, instead of falling into the sea, it hit rocky ledges just below. Afterwards, the body fell into the sea.

The accident took place on Thursday (12/5), told a report by “Sun”.

Tourist body falls into sea after hitting rocks
Tourist body falls into the sea after hitting rocks Photo: Reproduction

As he jumps, the Dutchman gives a whoop of excitement, but doesn’t have enough momentum to escape the rocks and fall into the seaas was its objective.

“Oh my God!”cried the wife at the tragic scene.

The victim’s companion, who was recording everything on a boatreceived psychological help while still on site.

After several hours of searching, divers found the tourist’s body.


One of the main attractions of Magaluf is the rock jumping. There are agencies specialized in tours to the main rocky points indicated for the adventure.

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