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TSM Pursues Legal Action Amidst SHADOW Controversy



Shortly after GodLike Esports announced that it is taking legal action against TSM over the ongoing poaching controversy involving Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar, TSM responded by stating that it is pursuing legal action as well.

SHADOW, who joined TSM in July 2021, has joined GodLike Esports’ Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster which has led to widespread controversy within the community. TSM India claimed that the by GodLike Esports and that the move happened unprofessionally, while GodLike claims all legal and ethical procedures were followed.

Legal action could have serious repercussions for SHADOW

TSM’s Director of Mobile Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chaur TSM’s statement about pursuing legal action. He said, “Did everything to avoid this. Wish those who have the power and authority did the right thing for the player’s career and professionalism of competitive esports in India.”

TSM has claimed that GodLike did not approach the organization with regards to SHADOW’s transfer or loan ahead of the BGMI Masters event hosted by NODWIN Gaming. Currently, SHADOW is not only registered as a player for GodLike Esports for the event, but he is also a member of TSM and it could lead to serious complications and affect SHADOW’s career.

GodLike Esports founder Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude also stated that GodLike is pursuing legal action against TSM. He GodLike followed all the legal and ethical procedures while engaging with SHADOW, as he was not bound by any agreement in existence.

He said that TSM is defaming SHADOW as well as GodLike by releasing personal chats on social media platforms and that it is a violation of privacy. Kronten called out TSM for not taking legal recourse and resorting to social media platforms instead.

A day after GodLike called out TSM for not taking legal action and resorting to social media posts instead, the organization commenced its legal proceedings. CHAU had also revealed that TSM informed the player he would not be released for free and yet he joined GodLike Esports without allegedly adhering to the terms of his contract.

Krafton and NODWIN are yet to make any official statements regarding the situation and if the allegations about GodLike and SHADOW prove to be true, it could have a negative impact on Indian esports.

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