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TSM Signs Wanted to Complete Roster Ahead of BGMI Masters Series 2022



TSM despite being embroiled in a player poaching controversy with GodLike Esports has gone ahead to complete its BGMI roster with the addition of Chirag “Wanted” Dua, who comes in as the new support player for the side.

The player had been seen practicing and playing alongside the main roster during scrims and other matches under the alias ‘TSM Tryout’ for quite some time, leaving many in the community wondering who could this player be in reality.

Well, the signing has been made just in time for the upcoming BGMI Masters Series 2022 which is going to be televised on Star Sports 2 and shall be simultaneously streamed on LOCO as well.

TSM completes its BGMI roster with the signing of Wanted

The North American organization, TSM, finds itself in the middle of a controversy with its Indian mobile esports division. The issue involves its benched player Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar along with another top Indian esports organization, GodLike Esports.

SHADOW, who had joined TSM in July 2021 was benched by the organization earlier this month, with TSM looking forward to negotiating his transfer with interested teams. However, GodLike Esports recently teased SHADOW as a part of its BGMI team, leading to widespread controversy within the community.

While TSM claimed that the by GodLike Esports and that the move happened unprofessionally, GodLike countered by claiming that all legal and ethical procedures had been followed, finally resulting in both the organizations pursuing legal action against each other.

Amidst all this, TSM’s BGMI roster which had been cut down to just three players came forward to announce their fourth and final player, Wanted, as it announced its complete roster just a few days before the scheduled start of BGMI Masters Series 2022.

Overall, TSM has had a great competitive season so far having won multiple BGMI tournaments including the first LAN tournament, Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational. The organization has consistently bagged podium finishes, but failed to qualify for the first official tournament of the season, BMPS Season 1, forcing the team to undergo these changes.

It remains to be seen how this new iteration of the lineup will perform in possibly the biggest Indian esports tournament of the year. The complete TSM lineup is as follows,

  • Hamza “Blaze” Khozema – IGL

  • Shubham “NinjaJod” Ranjan Sahoo – Assaulter

  • Harsh “Aquanox” Rao – Assaulter

  • Chirag “Wanted” Dua – Support

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