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TTCombat Previews New Carnevale Character



July 16, 2020 by Polar_Bear

TTCombat is celebrating their fan page for Carnevale breaking 1000 members (like… getting more than 1000 people signed up for it. Not like they went and smashed a bunch of people’s bones…). They’re celebrating by showing off a new character for the game, the Crucifier. How… charming (now you see why I wanted to clarify my opening statement a bit).

From the website:

New character alert!

The world of Carnevale isn’t a very nice place. Between the monster attacks, half of Europe sinking or on fire, and a ruling class that loves nothing more than murder its citizens, it’s a dangerous time to be alive! So crucifiction is actually fairly tame in comparison!

You know what is a nice place though? The Facebook Carnevale fan page! Full of awesome people doing amazing painting, writing, and gaming, it’s the best place to be to chat about the wonderful (if a little scary) world of Carnevale.

To celebrate the fan page passing 1000 members a couple of weeks ago, we sent out a few prizes. One of those was to Carnevale superfan Chris. His name got drawn at random, but already having the limited edition prize, he forgo it to get something from the mystery box. What he ended up with was a long-awaited Golgotha, and a new mystery character for his Vatican gang.

Today we’ll pull back the curtain on a new character type: the Crucifier!


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