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Two modern weapons return to Fortnite in latest update



After its last major event, the world of Fortnite he was sent hurtling back into the past. Modern weapons like sniper rifles are gone and crafting is the only way to get advanced weapons. Fortunately, two ancient, but modern, weapons are falling apart and will return to Fortnite in its latest update: the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle.

With the return of these two weapons to Fortnite In the latest game update, the meta is expected to change significantly. Players will no longer have to rely on medium primary shotguns or even assault rifles that are currently available. Instead, the meta will likely switch to the tactical shotgun for close range fights. This pistol dominated the game before season 2 of Fortnite, and its return will almost certainly see a resurgence in its use.

The infantry rifle, on the other hand, while a welcome addition, probably won’t be as shocking. Best used in long-range fights, but can be easily countered by somewhat competent builders. Don’t expect this weapon to change the game too much.

Additional features that come in the latest update of Fortnite

Fortnite However, you are getting more than a couple of new weapons in your latest update. Crafting will see a significant update, giving players a better chance to build high-level weaponry. For example, players are likely to notice an increase in crafting parts found in the game world, thanks to a doubling of their spawn rate. Players will also have a better chance of obtaining mechanical parts to craft more precise mechanical weapons. However, that only applies to players dismantling vehicles, specifically cars. Each hit of your pickaxe against a car will now have a 50% higher chance of spawning a mechanical part.

Fishing has also received some benefit in the last Fortnite to update. Players who take a break and go fishing will now earn better loot more often. Specifically, they will get more classic weapons. This benefit also applies to Supply Drops and Bunker Chests in case fishing isn’t your thing.

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