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Two New Vanguards Previewed For Summoner Wars



April 20, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Plaid Hat Games continues to roll with their Summoner Wars previews. The other day, the Vanguards showed archers. Today it’s a pair of units that like to be a little closer and personal. Take a look at another Common and Champion unit in today’s preview.

Extract from the article:

Welcome Summoners! The Vanguards have assembled for battle with their mightiest knights leading the charge!

The Knights of the Citadel are powerful common units. They have a very high life and are excellent at controlling enemy actions. Engage punishes any change in positioning your opponent wants to make, and Protect ensures that your key allies have nothing to fear on the battlefield!

Valna provides support for all things Vanguards. Drawing additional cards strengthens many of the other Citadel unit synergies discussed in previous articles, while simply providing more options for summoning at the start of the turn. Additionally, Valna will receive increased strength when in close proximity to your other Citadel units. With Citadel Knights loyally offering their protection to Valna, you can expect this formation to be tough to crack!


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