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Two Point Hospital goes time traveling with A Stitch in Time DLC



Two point hospital he’s really been around the block with his DLC. The hospital management simulator turned green with Off the grid. So he got artistic with him Culture shock DLC. Now, Two point hospital is taking a walk through time with the latest DLC, A Stitch in Time.

If you thought running a hospital at one point was difficult, wait until you try to juggle multiple points in time. Two-point hospital: a stitch in time adds a fourth dimension of simulation to the gameplay and takes you back in time to three new locations set in medieval, prehistoric and futuristic time periods.

The Time Travel DLC will add 34 new diseases for you to treat, some of which have a wonderful name. Head bone and retyl dysfunction are two of my favorites. Since you are exploring time, you will also be able to collect some items of different ages to decorate your hospital. Of course, there are also new items that you can use to keep your hospital running like clockwork.

Longing for yesterday

The main antagonist (actually, he’s more of a bummer than a bad boy) of Two-point hospital: a stitch in time it’s Captain Yesterday. He is an inventor and an entrepreneur. It is also totally full of that. Captain Yesterday has invented a new device called “Yesterizer”. It is a simple and uncomplicated way to travel back in time without worry. Presumably.

The “Yesterizer” turns out to have some initial problems. While Captain Yesterday is selling his product to good people over time, you are building, expanding and improving his hospitals to take care of all the new ailments related to time.

Two-point hospital: a stitch in time It’s available now and retails for just $ 8.99 on Steam. Between now and March 2, you can get the DLC for 10% off. You will need the base game to play the DLC. So if you don’t have it yet, you’ll need to get it from Steam first.

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