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Two years after kidnapping wife, man kills his wife in front of his son



couple smiles in social media photo
Diego Pireth had resumed his relationship with Wellen three months ago. (photo: Reproduction/Social networks)

A woman was murdered by her husband in front of her 8-year-old son on the night of this Tuesday (12/7), in Uberlndia, in Tringulo Mineiro. What is striking is that the crime took place about two years after the same man kidnapped his wife. After that, they got to resume their relationship. The arrest took place at dawn today (13/7), in Gois and taken to Uberlndia.

Wellen Cssia Cardoso de Melo was 34 years old and was killed with five stab wounds to the neck by Diego Mendes Pireth, 39. The crime took place in the apartment where the couple lived, in the Brasil neighborhood, in the central region of the city.

The crime would have been motivated by jealousy. On that land, they had a fight during the afternoon.

The couple’s youngest son witnessed his mother’s murder. He was taken to the home of a paternal aunt. Security cameras recorded the moment of the escape, with the father putting the boy in the car and also putting away a suitcase.

At his sister’s house, the man said only that he would run away and that she take care of his nephew. With the situation tense, the Military Police were called and found the victim in the apartment, which had been locked.

escape and prison

After the murder was discovered, there were blockades in several cities in the Triangle, Alto Paranaba and Sul de Góis. Diego Pireth had his car identified in the municipality of Cachoeira Alta (GO), 300km from Uberlndia, and was arrested.

On Wednesday morning, the prisoner was taken back to the Triangle and taken to the Uberlndia I prison.


In mid-2020, Wellen Melo spent 30 hours in captivity after being kidnapped by her then-ex-husband. They were separated, and Diego did not accept the end of the relationship, marked by violence.

Eventually, she was released and he was arrested. Convicted of kidnapping, three months ago he achieved regime progress and got out of prison. The couple got back together and the protective measure was withdrawn at the request of Wellen.

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