Ty The Tasmanian Devil PS4 Review 


Even if you compare the game to many current remasters and remakes, you could say that it is very outdated. Let’s see this game as if it were a port of a classic game of the sixth generation of consoles. Playing through the game, he has come to the PS4 beautifully.

It stayed true to the original, which made the game enjoyable, but also with a great graphic update. It still has a very retro feel, like when the 3D platform game started making waves in the industry. Making you feel very nostalgic through your game play.

Ty The Tasmanian Devil’s story is very simple. His family has been kidnapped and his job is to retrieve them from a type of portal. The only way to do this is to obtain a different Talisman to open the portal and save your family. This is basically it, but you really don’t need much more, if this were too complicated it would ruin the feel of the game.

I could have done it with some tweeks …

They kept much of the original game in this new version and with that he felt very nostalgic. That said, there were a few things that didn’t really age well. The big one is the camera, with the speed with which you move in the game. It just doesn’t feel good to play at the speed you move at, it somehow ruins the pace.

This is definitely not a groundbreaking game. That said, this game has aged over the years, and many new players who didn’t play the original might not enjoy it, but for those who played it in the sixth generation, you should find it as a massive blast from the past.


Compared to other remakes like Spongbob, Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot. It is definitely not hitting the nail on the head. This has been done by the original studio compared to the others with a different company remaking the game. Its true HD remasters the original without much change.

If you played the original game and want to see more of Ty, it is a must as this game will show the studio how many people love Ty, which will help and inspire the game studio to make more games including Ty. People who are new to the series may have to think twice. It feels like a classic retro 3D platformer, so if you’ve played any of the classic platformer games, this is a must-buy for you. If this is the first, it’s a good place to start the genre. With its amazing design, simple storyline and a lot of passion behind development.

Degree of nostalgia – 7.9

Rating – 7

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