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Ubisoft refreshes players on Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking ranking system



For any of us playing games competitively, knowing exactly what it takes to calculate your rankings can be just as important as playing the game itself. For Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six SiegeThat is no different. However, the game does not make that very clear. In an attempt to refresh our memories, Ubisoft has released a new blog post detailing how Rainbow Six Siege The match ranking system (MMR) works.

In short, it is complicated. With the number of features added over the years, the Rainbow Six Siege the pairing classification system has also had to evolve. Perhaps the most important detail is that personal performance does not matter. That will be a surprise to many. Instead you Rainbow Six Siege Changes in the match ranking depend on the following:

  • The relative skill levels of the players / teams in the game.
  • Whether or not the player won the match.
  • The big difference in skill between the teams has a dramatic result depending on who won the match.
  • Exiting a ranked match prematurely always counts as a loss towards skill ranks, even if your team won
    • Abandonment of a match or inactivity are included.
    • Connection problems count as a loss, but not as a victory if your team won.
    • When the internet connection is lost and then re-established, the player has the option to rejoin the match instead of being penalized.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Ubisoft updates players in Rainbow Six Siege Matchmaking Ranking System (1)

It’s about the team in Rainbow six siege. “The idea is that if you play well and are an asset to your team, you will naturally win more games in the long run. This positive influence in the winning matches is what we measure ”, explains the publication.

This will mean that those who do not accumulate murders but contribute in other ways see their ranking go up. It really makes sense, considering the equipment item on the shooter. The intangibles of teamwork, strategy, and mutual support are as important as the shots to Ubisoft. It is a complex algorithm that works behind the scenes, making sure that all Rainbow Six Siege The matchmaking ranking reflects your contributions.

The overall contribution, differences in rank levels between opponents, and how he performs over an extended period of time are clearer indications of his Rainbow Six Siege pairing ranking. Other than that, things are more murky.

Constant refinement

Ubisoft updates players in the Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking ranking system (2)

The post also includes details on MMR rollback, which is Ubisoft’s way of reducing the impact of cheats. While effective, it can sometimes affect innocent players in more ways than one. On that front, Ubisoft will look at how to tweak the system.

“We are currently planning to revisit the MMR rollback feature to explore whether we can reduce these frustrations for our players in the future while effectively canceling any effects cheats have on games,” Ubisoft shared.

The ever-changing demands of the game obviously don’t make it any easier. However, by refining the Rainbow Six Siege the match ranking system is something the company is always looking to do. Player feedback is an integral part of that, so keep it coming. There are also a ton of technical details shared in the post, so read it if you want to learn more.

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