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UFC: Colby Covington Demands “Championship Series, A Best-of-Seven” With Kamaru Usman Despite Losing To Him Twice



UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington says that he and Kamaru Usman are so closely matched they should have a best-of-seven fight series. This comes despite his most recent loss to Usman, via unanimous decision. “Chaos” told that the only way to settle their beef is with a championship series of fights.

“Beating Marty Fake Newsman, that’s it. I’m a better fighter than him, [but] we’re so evenly matched that that’s a fight that needs to play out over a championship series — a best-of-seven. That makes sense to do because it’s such a close fight on paper.

Colby Covington Demands “Championship Series, A Best-of-Seven” With Usman Despite Losing To Him Twice

We have so many similar attributes in MMA, with our game plans, and our styles. I think if we fought seven times, I beat him four [times].”

Covington has long maintained that he did not, in fact, lose to Kamaru Usman. In their first fight, Usman delivered a fifth-round TKO, while in the second Usman dominated Covington over five rounds.

Of course, Colby may not get his wish. A trilogy fight is a hard sell with a 2-0 record between both fighters, but Colby keeps his heels firmly dug into the idea that he secretly won both fights.

“He even said after the fight there ‘might be a trilogy with Colby.’ He knows deep down inside of his heart that he hasn’t shown he’s the better fighter.

He’s been in there with me for almost an hour now — two fights, 10 rounds — and he knows he hasn’t proven that. He hasn’t left me unconscious. He didn’t knock me out. He didn’t submit me. He didn’t dominate me pillar to post from Round 1 to Round 5.

No! I beat him in both fights, in multiple rounds. The last fight was clearly mine. I had him so hurt in the fourth round that he shouldn’t have made it out. He’s lucky he got the one minute break.

But he hasn’t proven he’s the better fighter. He needs to come out and dominate to show he’s the best fighter, he hasn’t done that. Cool, you want to come out and tell people you’re the champion and that you’re better than me, but deep down inside, everybody knows the truth.”

Colby Covington is still the #1 welterweight contender, but he lost two of his last four fights, both losses handed to him by “The Nigerian Nightmare”. Colby might have to earn a few victories before he has his third chance at Usman, let alone a seventh, but far stranger things have happened in this sport.

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