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UFC’s Derek Brunson Believes He’ll Finish Israel Adesanya in Rematch: “I’m looking to do mass damage”



Could Derek Brunson be the one to end Israel Adesanya’s undefeated run through the UFC’s middleweight division? He certainly seems to think so.

In a recent conversation with, Brunson revealed his utter confidence in his ability to become middleweight champ.

Brunson Believes He’ll Finish Adesanya in Rematch: “I’m looking to do mass damage”

“I know given the chance on the ground, I’m looking to do mass damage. I’m looking to finish the fight. I’m looking to get him out of there. He’s going to be tested like he’s never been tested before where he fought Jan Blachowicz. 

Blachowicz was just content with controlling him. I’m going to be looking to finish.”

Of course, controlling a dominant UFC champion who has yet to lose a fight at middleweight is far easier said than done, particularly considering that Brunson already lost to “The Last Stylebender” once. Brunson believes that he could, and should, have won the last fight, but mitigating circumstances affected his performance.

“In the first fight, a lot of my coaches were like, ‘Are you OK? Were you injured? What was going on cause I’ve never seen get body locked on somebody so many times and not take them down.

Like I had Izzy gripped up, body locked, clinched up like maybe four or five times and had single leg [takedowns] and he would just squirm out. That was just on me in terms of my preparation.

I had a hurricane I was dealing with, I didn’t train for two weeks. That was the first phase where I went from being really strong and I stopped lifting weights for like two years.

That was a trial and error period in my career, especially when I was fighting Izzy. I was like I don’t need to lift weights, I’m fighting Izzy so really I can try this out.

So I was getting to my positions, I just wasn’t able to finish. It was a combination of a lot of things, which are no excuses, but we look back now like OK, that’s why we didn’t react so properly.

Small things make a difference in these big fights. Kudos to him, he took advantage of it. But I know in a rematch, I know what I can do.”

With a massive submission win over Darren Till last weekend, Brunson believes he’s ready for another shot at the champ. Adesanya is believed to be fighting Robert Whittaker next, so Brunson will probably have to wait a little longer for his chance at UFC glory.

Do you see Derek Brunson defeating Israel Adesanya? Let us know in the comments.

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