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Uncharted Confirmed To Have Started Film 



If you don’t already know, the Uncharted movie has actually been in development for a while. He went through a lot of trouble with finding a director for the actual movie. The director they have chosen is Shawn Levy; His most notable films he directed include Big Fat Liar, Cheaper by the Dozen, and the Night at the Museum series. Are you already afraid? I don’t know, he’s also one of the directors behind Stranger Things. This shows that he definitely has the resume for the job of directing this movie.

How are they going to tell Nathan Drake’s story?

The story will be a prequel to the games and Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake. The same person who is currently playing Spider-man in the Marvel Universe. This can discourage many people, but the effort she puts into her roles is surprising. Now it’s very hard to think of anyone else playing Spider-man after he took over the role. There is no doubt that Tom Holland will also put the same effort into this role. Tom Holland has most likely already played every game to land the role on point. Featuring Sully’s iconic supporting character played by Mark Wahlberg.

This is probably the role that really concerns us the most due to the fact that unfortunately Mark Wahlberg feels like a one-trick pony and it seems like he won’t get the right character. It goes without saying that Mark Wahlberg has been in good movies and has a wide range of different movies compared to Tom Holland. It is the relationship between the two that will make or break the film.

It could be a big disappointment …

Cost isn’t really the troubling point in this movie, as it seems pretty solid. It is the real fact that they have gone through different directors during the filming, it seems that changing the directors of the film is more likely to fail. That doesn’t mean the director is bad, it’s just the fact that it wasn’t the first option. Then there is the writing, although the writing could be great.

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