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Underwater colony builder Aquacity announced for PC via Steam



On BioShock, you storm the underwater city of Rapture in search of its selfish founder Andrew Ryan. But what if you They were Andrew Ryan before things went south? Aquacity should not be compared to BioShock, of course. However, the game puts you in the role of someone in charge of creating a colony under the ocean. You can also turn whales into cyborgs, which is exactly what you expect when science fails. Aquacity will arrive on PC via Steam.

As for city builders, Aquacity it shouldn’t be surprising. You start small, creating a foundation on which you build the machines necessary to provide energy or create drinking water. Resources litter the underwater world and naturally you have to go collect them to expand your growing base. There are scientists working on new projects and military units for defense. But defend against what, you may ask? So far, it seems that their biggest threats exist with sharks and some prehistoric-looking monsters. For them, you may want to outfit a nearby whale with some biotech.

Indeed, Aquacity it will allow you to play god with some ocean creatures. You will be able to obtain the technology to create biomechanisms. In the trailer, it shows the unholy union of science and nature with a biomechanical whale. What was once a gentle giant of the seas is now mutated, bound with metal parts. From what I can tell, it’s all justified as a means of kicking more shark butt.

I am the god of the deep

So far, not much else is known about the game. It was announced today by developer Evor Games. Aquacity It will be released for PC on Steam, but it’s too early for a release date. Hopefully the team shows off more in the game as time goes on. Hope to see more on biomechanics. Let me put some rusty knives in a swarm of crabs and you have my interest.

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