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Urach resumes marriage, returns to Church and is baptized: “In peace”



Modelo took the opportunity to talk about personality disorder during the breakup.

Modelo took the opportunity to talk about personality disorder during the breakup.

Photo: Instagram: @anddressaurachoficial / Famous People

After a series of controversies, Andressa Urach and Thiago Lopes have resumed their marriage. With this, the model also announced her return to Universal, where she worked on forgiveness.

“Yesterday was a very special day as my husband and I got baptized. I want to make it clear that I don’t agree with the holy bonfire and I also don’t like some of the people who run Universal, but as I know Bishop Guaracy and Mrs. Thais are people of God , I’m going to come back to attending the bishop’s meetings, accompanied by my husband, ”she said in Stories on Instagram.

This Sunday evening (17), she took the opportunity to speak to the fans and deny that the thank you posted on the social network to her husband, was written by him. In the post, the model thanks the entrepreneur for supporting her in conducting beauty courses.

“I wrote it because it encourages me. To tell the truth, when we got married, I didn’t want to work, I wanted to depend only on him. And he said no, that I had to be independent, he started to make me encourage people to take the courses. And I want to specialize in all areas, even because I intend to open my beauty salon, ”he explained.

“We are at peace now, we have returned to Jesus, we have been baptized and we have forgiven ourselves. It was important to go through this difficult phase even to understand what we want in life. I was happy that he fought for me because I had gotten married before, it didn’t work out and I didn’t believe in love anymore. Every first year is tough and when we were done I was going through these borderline crises. I am undergoing treatment with psychiatric care, the help of psychologists, I am taking my good medicines and with faith in Jesus ”, he declared.

For those who do not remember, this is the second time that Andressa has been baptized at the institution. The first time was in 2015, but in 2020 he severed his relationship with the church on charges of withholding too much money. Urach filed a lawsuit demanding the return of around 2 million reais in donations made to Universal between 2015 and 2019.

“It was God who touched her heart so that we could be together. Everything broke with him. He had just been released from the hospital due to the BPD attack, which had been without medication for a long time, I couldn’t even pray anymore. I made some bad choices that I regret, but I was very angry in my heart. Pregnant, borderline and far from Jesus. Imagine how my hormones were, my feelings, my house, ”she said.

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