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US Spokesperson Rebuts Bolsonaro’s Attack on the Polls and Demands Compliance with the Constitution



A day after President Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) meeting with ambassadors – in which the former captain made attacks on the Brazilian electoral system and the Electoral Justice – the United States Department of State spokesman, Ned Price, reacted to the statements. of the ex-captain.

According to the US representative, the Brazilian electoral system is reliable and has become an example of a model for other countries. He also stated that the government of President Joe Biden expects Brazilian institutions to act to defend the Constitution during the elections.

“Elections have been conducted by Brazil’s capable and tried-and-true electoral system and democratic institutions successfully for many years, so it is a model for nations in this hemisphere and beyond,” Price said at a press conference in Washington.

“As a democratic partner of Brazil, we will follow the October elections with great interest and full expectation that they will be conducted in a free, fair and reliable way, with all institutions acting in accordance with their constitutional role”, he concluded.

On Tuesday, the 19th, the US Embassy in Brazil had already issued a note with a similar content to Price’s pronouncement.

Bolsonaro has promoted disinformation campaigns about the electoral system and guided the Armed Forces to pressure the Electoral Justice, in an attempt to change electoral rules a few months before the election.

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