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Valheim updates – everything coming in the Valheim roadmap



Valheim has enjoyed runaway success since its Steam Early Access release in early February, with more than four million players now taking up ax and shield to earn their place in Valhalla. We’ve seen troll heads drop, preventable gray deaths, and Vikings unite to take on tough Valheim bosses – and there are more along the way.

Valheim has come a long way since we entered Viking Purgatory with nothing but our underwear and a will to survive, paving the way for a long journey through rough waters and hostile biomes. Part of its success as a survival game comes down to top-notch base construction and a tough but fair progression system that has spawned some of the best gaming memes yet.

The simple yet versatile building system ignited the creativity of players – not only did players build the Eye of Sauron, but also created a replica of the Millennium Falcon using what we can only imagine. a lot in wood. There’s more where this came from, as the first update focuses on base building and recipes, but Iron Gate Studio has laid out exactly what we can expect from the future of Valheim.

Valheim release date roadmap

There will be four big updates from Valheim, plus other modes and blueprints along the way, as well as smaller patch notes to balance the game out and fix bugs. While no release date has yet been promised, here’s what to expect from each major update from Valheim.

  • Home and home – construction and kitchen
  • Cult of the wolf – exploration and combat
  • Ships and sea – boat upgrades and more “stuff” in the ocean biome
  • Mistlands – a whole new biome “quite foggy and inhospitable”.

We can already visit the Mistlands, but they’re currently devoid of content, so hopefully this update will fill in the gaps in our current world. The more adventurous Vikings among us have also discovered another new biome – the Ashlands – where you can mine Flametal from glowing metal piles. There is currently no use for this resource, but we can’t wait to see what kind of cool Valheim weapons we can forge with it.

If Odin wants it

In addition to these four updates, there are other plans to be implemented, such as adding the other Raven Munin of Odin, improving combat, and creating more places to explore for the Vikings.

  • Multiplayer interactions
  • Combat improvements
  • Phases of the moon
  • Tars
  • Expansion of supplier inventory
  • Brigands of Svartalfr
  • More unique locations
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Munin

While we wait for these updates to come out, why not check out our guide to building Valheim, as well as effective ways to mine Iron and Bronze. Or, if you’ve gotten past that and struggling to take on the new bosses, here’s how to beat Bonemass in Valheim.

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