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VALORANT: Devs Share Anti-Cheat ‘Vanguard’ Updates



After many adjustments and controversies, the VALORANT Anti-Cheat team has some updates to the game’s anti-cheat system, Vanguard, regarding its plans in 2021 to ensure fairness and a “high level of competitive integrity” in the games. matches.

In a development post on the VALORANT website, VALORANT anti-cheat analyst Matt “K3o” Paoletti shared the team’s thoughts and processes on working with Vanguard and those in progress. VALUANT Anti-cheat updates.

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VALORANT Anti-Cheat updates: First-Strike and esports

With VALUANTSince the esports scene started at a fairly high point, the expectations for the team were even more essential and difficult. Together with the help of their Esports team, they managed to coordinate with teams and players to ensure a fair game and system.

“Our goal was an ‘esports-ready’ experience, and First Strike, our first series of major tournaments, was the most important test of our team.”

Matt “K3o” Paoletti, VALORANT Anti-Cheat Analyst

A huge open qualifier is a daunting event for sure, as well as being a pretty steep learning curve for new developer teams. First Strike was able to finish without major hiccups and the Anti-Cheat team shared that they learned a lot for the following professional events.

Competitive concerns

The team shared that they are well aware of what it can be like to have a cheater on their team during competitive escalations and are working to make cheating difficult and expensive, which has significantly decreased the number of cheating in competitive as they continue. getting better.

They also shared the concerns of players teaming up with cheaters to “enjoy ill-gotten gains” without repercussions. Therefore, of course, your most important priority is ensuring a legitimate right to the top ranks.

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Next solutions

Improvements in analytics, data work, and technical solutions continue to be what keep the team running and thriving. There are 3 big changes the Anti-Cheat team is working to implement:

  • 90-day penalty for “bus transportation”
  • Investigate the ability to recalibrate range for those affected by cheats
  • Metagame system updates

On the topic of teaming up with cheaters, the 90-day penalty expects players to think twice before joining the party. Cheaters used to offer “impulse services” to continue their unfair work.

“One of the first new efforts is to discipline players who line up with cheaters, or as we can colloquially call it,”ride the trap bus on the highway to hell. ‘”

Matt “K3o” Paoletti, VALORANT Anti-Cheat Analyst

However, some players simply meet the unfortunate fate of queuing with or against a cheater and thus VALUANT is working on ways to help with those situations by discovering the ability to recalibrate range when affected by cheats.

With limits during placements and slower climb to Radiant. Top spots will be harder for cheaters to reach and their chances of wreaking havoc on legitimately skilled players will decrease.

The Anti-Cheat team also works to minimize the presence of cheats in the game. They encourage community feedback and reporting as they continue to provide them with invaluable information. What do you think about him VALUANT Anti-cheat updates?

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