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Valorant Skins, Are They Worth The Price?



The VALORANT fur team is working overtime with all the different sets they have released and sets we have yet to see. But while these skins bring unique designs to the game, are they worth it? Players who buy the base package don’t get the cool effects that the store ad promises. In fact, players who buy the base set have to pay more to get the full promise of the skins.

With the latest set, the Oni Collection, the team has brought great designs with mystical effects. These look great at first glance, but the problem here is that if you buy the set directly, it will cost you about $ 78. Okay, okay, it’s a complete package with four pistols and a knife, it makes sense. The only problem is that these are the vanilla skins with no particle effects, sound effects or finisher animation.


Level 7 Oni Bucky

Radianite Paywalls

If you want to get the full version of the mask, you must use Radianite points to upgrade the weapon. You buy Radianite points with VALUING points. 1600 VALUING points for 20 Radianite points. Assuming you wanted to buy the Oni Bucky, but you preferred the blue variant. You would have to increase the level to 7. This will only cost 75 Radianite points. The Radianite 80 point package is 4800 VALUING points. Essentially, if you buy any weapon and are looking to get this variant, you will have to pay an additional $ 50.

There is hope, if you have the battle pass you can earn Radianite points by completing the pass. In total there are 130 points available as rewards. You can use them to upgrade your weapons. But considering that these weapons, unlike CSGO, are not interchangeable, the skins are not an investment I would consider any time soon due to the way the cool effects are hidden behind more pay walls.

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