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“Very serious offenses proven…”; after controversy, Klara Castanho sues influencer for R$ 100 thousand, guarantees columnist



klara brown resorts to new judicial request after having request denied in court last Monday (18) about the withdrawal from a video that circulates on social networks in which a digital influencer talks about the rape episode suffered by the actress without mentioning her name, but referring to the case and the accusing of the crime of “abandonment of incapable”.

According to information from the columnist Ancelmo Góis, from the newspaper O Globo, Klara Castanho now asks for R$ 100 thousand compensation for moral damages in the proceedings against the youtuber Antonia Fontenellewhich through a video criticized the decision of the actress of giving a baby up for adoption, even though the pregnancy was the result of rapeand that delivery or abortion, in this case, are rights guaranteed by law.

The new request for klara brown includes the following snippet: “In view of the very serious offenses proven against the plaintiff, there is no doubt that, in the present case, all the conditions for ordering the Defendant to pay moral damages in the amount of BRL 100,000.00 are fulfilled”. The first order of actress regarding the removal of the air from the video of Antonia Fontenelle was denied last Monday (18) by the Judge Flavia Viveiro de Castroof the 2nd Civil Court of Barra, because in the judge’s understanding, the impediment to the circulation of the video “it would be a kind of censorship”.

“The facts reported in this case are public knowledge. Even with regard to the statements published by the defendant, who, from what was seen on YouTube to be able to decide on injunctive relief, at first did not reveal the name of the plaintiff in her criticisms. In this way, the secrecy of justice is not justified.concluded the judge Flavia Viveiro de Castroin justification of the denial of the actress’s request and why she decided to withdraw the process from secrecy.

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