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Veteran main support Tobi joins the Philadelphia Fusion



Tobi joins the Philadelphia Fusion

Screenshot of Philadelphia Fusion

Former Seoul Dynasty player and veteran main supporter, Jin-mo “tobi” Yang, signed with the Philadelphia Fusion. After being released in late 2020, no one knew where Tobi was going to end up. But, since Fusion has visa issues, they need players who can play alongside the core that came to Korea. Earlier this week, Hong-joon “HOTBA” Choi was announced, and it looks like Tobi won’t be the latest new signing from Fusion.

Tobi’s path to the Philadelphia Fusion

While his Overwatch career is extensive, Tobi has been a loyal player throughout his career. After playing for the team of dominant contenders Lunatic-Hai, he joined the Seoul Dynasty in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. He stayed with the Seoul Dynasty for many team rebuilds and helped the team reach its first grand finale last season. However, his role diminished over the years and when the season ended, he became a free agent. After the long offseason, his name was rarely mentioned in signing rumors, as fans couldn’t think of Tobi playing anymore if it wasn’t for Seoul.

But an unexpected hit on the road for the Philadelphia Fusion on their move to Korea has opened up an opportunity. Among the visa issues with their non-Korean players on the roster, certain players will not be available when the season begins. Instead of releasing players like the Los Angeles Valiant, Fusion issued a statement. This statement said that they will keep their contracts but that they will sign new players to fill the void. Unintentionally, this adds even more depth to a terrifying team at the sole risk of losing synergy.

For example, Tobi. He’s a great main support, but aside from the end of the grand finale, his best plays were a long time ago. The Fusion can hope to take the place of Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway, at least until his visa arrives. There is not much risk in signing Tobi, but we will see if the Fusion is still a threat in the East division.

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