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VIDEO: Filipe Ret is woken up by police officers who are carrying out a search warrant in Angra; cell phone was seized



Filipe was at a luxury resort in Angra dos Reis and offered no resistance. His cell phone was seized, and the singer will be charged with possession of narcotics.

Agents of the Narcotics Repression Police Station (DRE-RJ) left to fulfill five search and seizure warrants at addresses linked to the singer in RJ, such as a studio in a building in Flamengo. in the property, the team seized marijuana and material for rolling cigarettes. The amount was not reported by the police.

Agents execute warrant against Filipe Ret in the singer’s apartment, in Flamengo – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Marijuana found in Filipe Ret’s house — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Material seized in Filipe Ret’s apartment — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The room in Flamengo had to be opened by a locksmith, as it was empty. The police already knew that Ret had gone to Angra dos Reis, on the Costa Verde of Rio de Janeiro, where she stayed at a luxury resort.

Another target location was Vivo Rio. According to the investigators, the management of the venue refused to provide, in full, the images of Filipe Ret’s “Open Beck” party.

The g1 has not yet been able to contact the artist’s defense.

In a statement, Vivo Rio said that it “collaborated and continues to collaborate with the entire investigation process for this case”. “The footage of the venue’s internal security circuit was provided as soon as they were requested,” the note states.

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Filipe Ret, in a photo posted on the artist’s own social network; birthday had “Open Marijuana”, according to investigations – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The investigation began at the end of June, when the rapper himself posted photos and videos of a party in Vivo Rio on his social media.

At the event, called “Open Beck” (marijuana released, in free translation)on the 21st, Ret allegedly offered marijuana to the guests.

Investigation against Felipe Ret began at the end of June, when the rapper himself posted photos and videos of a party on his social networks — Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Police called for the search to identify other possible suspects: “Supplying drugs, even free of charge, is trafficking”says the head delegate of the DRE, delegate Marcus Amin.

With the material seized, the agents will continue the investigation to identify all those involved in the crime under investigation.

Event with Filipe Ret in Cuiabá is the target of a police raid;  'they went straight to the dressing room', re

Event with Filipe Ret in Cuiabá is the target of a police raid; ‘they went straight to the dressing room’, re

Last Saturday (16), the singer performed in Cuiabá, capital of Mato Grosso. On the networks, he complained that there was a delay in his show due to an action by the local military police, who searched his entire dressing room.

According to him, the agents went “straight to the dressing room”. The artist was preparing to perform at the event. It’s Trap It’s Funk, that was interrupted for two hours.

“With that energy, it delayed the entire event, emptied the place, unfortunately PJ Huodini and Caio Luccass, two artists from Nada Mal, couldn’t do the show. Nothing happened, guys [polícia] They didn’t find anything, they just went to delay the event. Two super honest kids missed their shows because of that mentality,” said Ret.

The Military Police said that it supported an inspection of noise pollution and extreme disturbance of public peace, together with other security forces and the Municipality of Cuiabá.

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