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Virginia and Zé Felipe announce a ‘new’ marriage, and Leonardo surprises the couple with a reaction; watch



This family is very close and also very Maria Fifi! kkkkk Zé Felipe had someone to shoot, you know ?! Leonardo, the singer’s father, took part this Thursday (25) in the show “Podcats”, of his daughter-in-law Virgínia in the company of Camila Loures, and made some revelations about the lives of the members of the family. Making everyone laugh, the compatriot made it clear that he does not care to keep secrets from others.

On the podcast, Virgínia and Zé Felipe announced that they are going to have a big wedding next year, with a super party. And that’s when the veteran had the most unexpected reaction. “If it doesn’t work by thenLeonardo joked about the relationship.I’m going to hit wood, because whatever you say happens. withdraw your word“Asked the influencer.

The two are already married, but plan to have a new celebration, this time for more people. The influencer revealed the information exclusively on the show, also specifying that the ceremony is scheduled for March next year. “I will enter from the backZé Felipe’s father continued.

All playful, the sertanejo blew up the first intimate marriage of the influencer with Zé Felipe. Virginie took her stepfather’s foot for having participated in a regatta during the ceremony, and the musician replied in the tin: “But in a cheap little wedding like this? My daughter, I came from a footvolley“.

Then I come in, they’re both in front of a computer – with all due respect – two judges on the other side are talking and they’re getting married. Do you think I’ll wear a suit to stay indoors for a low wedding like this at home, in the living room ?!“, he fired.

Showing that the fifi part is actually blood, the compatriot did not deny that he loves to chat. “Are you free to talk to me?“he asked Virginia.”I don’t, I tell you things and you tell everyone“she accused.”I’m really saying, I’m not a safe to keep a secret», Retorted the artist.

He revealed my surprise birthday. Poliana gave his life to do it, and he posted on InstagramThe influencer joked, speaking of the compatriot’s wife. “I have counted and I am counting. And if no one tells me it will be worseLeonardo joked.

The singer, who is also the father of João Guilherme, Pedro Leonardo, Jessica Beatriz, Matheus Vargas and Monyque Isabella, has proved to be jealous. “I’m jealous of all my kids, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I’m not a dad who stays on top, but I watch and whoever talks about my children will have to prove it. otherwise we will go to court“he stated. Watch the full interview:

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