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Vishaps and Where to Find Them event guide



Those annoying armadillos are what we’ll be dealing with in new expeditions in Teyvat. Here’s our guide to help you with Genshin Impact‘s Vishaps and Where to Find Them event.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub.


Genshin Impact: Vishaps and Where to Find Them event guide

The main requirement to partake in Genshin Impact‘s Vishaps and Where to Find Them event is to reach Adventure Rank 20. From there, you’ll simply need to speak to Katheryne of the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue. After a short dialogue, you’ll notice another panel in the expeditions tab.

Okay, here’s how the event works:

  • Each daily reset, you’ll see eight Vishaps and Where to Find Them expeditions. But, you may only complete up to four of these.
  • There’s one S-rank expedition, two A-ranks, and five B-ranks.
  • The higher the expedition’s rank, the longer it’d take for it to get completed. But, you’ll also earn more primogems as guaranteed rewards.
  • Apart from the guaranteed primogems, you may also earn bonus rewards. These tend to vary depending on the expedition:
    • S-rank – 20x primogems, plus either 4x hero’s wit, 40,000 mora, or 8x mystic enhancement ore.
    • A-rank – 15x primogems, plus either 3x hero’s wit, 30,000 mora, or 2x of any of the blue talent leveling books (i.e., Diligence, Freedom).
    • B-rank – 10x primogems, plus either 2x hero’s wit, 20,000 mora, 4x mystic enhancement ore, or 2x of any of the blue weapon ascension materials (i.e., Boreal Wolf, Aerodiserite).

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An expedition needs a minimum of two characters to get started. However, if you wish to obtain the bonus rewards, then you should take note of the boosted elements. For instance, the S-rank expedition today has boosts for Geo and Electro. If you pick Geo and Electro characters, you’ll notice that the bonus reward chance goes up. Try to reach 100% (or close to it) to get the entire bonus that’s shown on the panel.

Note: The extra percentages you gain depend on the boosted element, the character’s level, and the expedition’s rank.

Genshin Impact Vishaps And Where To Find Them Event Guide On The Hunt Challenge Bounty Guide 1

You’ll also notice that there are four slots for your own characters, as well as an extra slot for the “friend support.” This simply lets you pick a character showcased by your friend to add to the total percentage.

Once you’re done with your setups, you can just check back after several hours have passed to grab your rewards.

Note: Only those appearing on a player’s showcase can be selected. To check your own showcased characters, open Genshin Impact‘s menu and click on the pen icon next to your name. Then, click on “edit profile.”

Genshin Impact Vishaps And Where To Find Them Event Guide On The Hunt Challenge Bounty Guide 2

Bear in mind that adding certain characters in Genshin Impact‘s Vishaps and Where to Find Them expeditions prevents them from being used in the regular/default expeditions in the game. Personally, I’m not entirely sure if miHoYo thought this matter through, since there’s a possibility that newcomers and F2P folks will be at a disadvantage because of this restriction. Likewise, considering that characters only add a minute percentage to the bonus chance if they’re of the wrong element, then those who have a rather limited roster might run out of peeps they could spare.

In any case, the screen also has a button for “On The Hunt” challenges. These are supposed to provide you with bounty-type activities. My guess is that they’re probably similar to the ones you’ve gotten used to while leveling your reputation. Unfortunately, there’s no “On The Hunt” challenge that’s available today, but we can expect one after tomorrow’s reset. As such, I’ll be updating the guide accordingly.

Note: Genshin Impact‘s Vishaps and Where to Find them event runs from March 5 to March 12. Still, you’ll be able to collect your rewards until March 15.

Gen Pct Vsh Wr Ev Gd 2

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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