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Volunteers insist on search and find girl who disappeared on plantation in Minas



The 1 year and 8 months old girl who had been missing since the morning was found on the night of this Thursday (14), in a coffee plantation where her parents worked, in Campestre, in the south of Minas Gerais. the searches were closed by the Fire Departmenthowever, volunteers insisted on scanning and located the child, who would be fine.

The information was confirmed to THE TIME by an employee of the municipality’s Emergency Room, who preferred not to be identified. According to her, the child would be taken to the health unit to undergo a medical evaluation.

The child disappeared while the parents were working on the plantation, around 9:45 am, on the Pedra Grande farm, in the Llhamal neighborhood. The searches, which began with about 14 people who worked in the fields, ended up counting on at least 40 volunteers throughout the day, in addition to firefighters and the Military Police.

Corporate helicopters and drones also assisted in the sweep. At first, the police were called on account of the suspected kidnappingsince information from local officials indicated that an unknown man would have been seen, on a motorcycle, in the vicinity of the place where the child was when he was last seen.

There is still no information if the child was injured, however, according to reports from city residents circulating on social media, she was found alone in the middle of the plantation and would be fine. A photo that shows a child in the arms of a person is also circulating, however, it was not possible to confirm the veracity of the photograph.

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