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Wanessa Camargo follows in the footsteps of Dado Dolabella in veganism



Wanessa Camargo, inspired by Dado Dolabella, has been trying to adapt to veganism.

This column of splash found that the singer has already told people close to her that she is now vegan and that she has already felt changes not only in her body, but also in her lifestyle. The change is supported by the boyfriend. The actor is an animal activist and joined veganism in 2015.

It is not today that Wanessa talks about the desire to change her eating and consumption habits. In 2018, interviewed by Gabriela Pugliesi on Youtube, Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter had already explained about her attempt to become a vegetarian.

“I’m trying to become a vegetarian, at least, because for me food has to do with health. I believe a lot in what says that we are what we eat. When I changed my food to only organic, I started using coconut, replacing sugar with cane molasses, so I started bringing several changes that had nothing to do with losing weight and I accidentally lost weight,” she said at the time.

Vanessa was searched for by this column of splash to comment on the new lifestyle with veganism. The singer’s press office said there is nothing to say on the matter. The space remains open.

Wanessa and Dado’s courtship has changed several of the artist’s habits. She has also sought to connect more and more with nature.

The singer and the actor have a shamanic spiritual leader to guide the new phase of the relationship and traveled last week to Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás, accompanied by friends and the couple’s mentor, the “cosmic fairy”. It was there that the two first appeared together, in a live held by the organization of a spiritual retreat.

After Nathan Camargo, the singer’s cousin, said in a podcast that romance is no longer a secret for the whole family, this column found out how the relationship was received by Zezé Di Camargo.

Wanessa tells close people that the two met again at a more mature time and aware that the two were responsible for the past relationship not ending well. Between comings and goings, the two had already dated for four years, from 2000 to 2004.

Zezé Di Camargo, when he found out, told his daughter that she was the owner of his actions, and that he would approve, understanding that the singer “is already an adult and that he would not like to go against it”.

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