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Warframe 8 year anniversary celebration includes free rewards for a month



Warframe is celebrating its 8th anniversary with fan events and rewards for the upcoming month. The celebration kicked off yesterday with a new skin, which players on all platforms can grab at any time. From there, Warframe will have weekly drawings until May 17. Additionally, a contest provides another chance to win Octavia’s Prime Access Pack, WarframeCurrent equipment package.

According to the press release, any player who logs into Warframe during the celebration you can redeem the Dex Rhino Skin. Additionally, this week only, players can receive Dex Sybaris, the Excalibur Dex weapon slot and skin, as well as a weekend credit booster. More exclusive gear will be available in the next three weeks, including a Dex Liset Skin, a Dex Dakra, and more. Review the Warframe Below is the 8th anniversary trailer to catch a glimpse of all the free prizes coming soon.

In addition to the rewards, the Warframe The 8th anniversary celebration includes a free contest for all players from now until May 6 at 1 p.m. ET. Squad Takedown Contest tasks squads with staging and capturing powerful battle footage Warframe “s screen capture tool, Capture. “We’re looking for images that make us think, ‘Yeah, that boss doesn’t stand a chance,'” the contest forum post reads.

To qualify, squads must include 2-4 Tenno, and players must note each Tenno’s alias with the introduction. Participants can submit to a Raw or Edited category. The first place winner receives Octavia Prime Access for each team member, followed by Platinum awards for places two through five.

Just in time for an update

Warframe’s 8th Anniversary Celebration Has Come Right After WaframeThe big update for Call of the Tempestarii. This solo mission sees Vala Glarios hunt down a vessel known as the Tempestarii. Those who complete the quest receive the newest Warframe, Sevagoth, which uses a Shadow power to collect souls. With Warframe’s new update and free rewards, there’s never been a better time to jump into action.

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