Warframe’s Heart of Deimos lets you pilot undead mechs


At the start of the next Warframe Heart of Deimos expansion, you’ll be alerted to the Necramechs – those who remain on the Deimos infested Martian moon have reverted to their “self-kill precepts” and will attack you on sight. Fortunately, these huge biological robots aren’t all bad – you’ll be able to pilot your own as you make your way through the Heart of Deimos story missions.

Once acquired, your Necramech will function the same as your Archwing unit – you will be able to customize and upgrade it on its own loading screen in your Orbiter. Plus, you’ll be able to call it whenever you’re in an open world area, whether it’s the new Cambion Drift area on Deimos, or the open world areas of the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis already present in Warframe.

Developer Digital Extremes says he doesn’t want to say too much about the Necramechs backstory yet – you’ll have to learn more as you play through the story. But what we saw in the TennoCon 2020 introductory presentation makes us look forward to boarding one of these meaty Gundam units ourselves.

As with most Deimos, the Necramechs have rotten, organic aesthetic and athletic skulls and ancient armor. Each model has its own unique abilities, and you can customize your gear as you see fit. The model we saw Warframe’s director of live operations, Rebecca Ford, show off in the TennoCon demo was equipped with artillery on her arms, allowing Ford to launch blue ammo at a ridge – or directly at faces. of a few giant centipedes that have a little too much. friendly.

The Heart of Deimos release date is set for August 25, and you’ll be able to play it on all platforms at launch.

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