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Warzone Map May Be Destroyed In New Season



The Warzone map, Verdansk, hasn’t changed at all since it’s first introduction into the game. While there have been different modes and mid-game events, the core map hasn’t been altered… Until now that is.

Stadium Destruction?

The rumor that the map will be changed has been floating around players for a while now but there hasn’t been concrete proof of change. However, recently evidence has come out with multiple prominent content creators receiving packages from Shadow Company. Shadow Company is the paramilitary group that General Shepard hires to destroy Task Force 141 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In this package is a letter from the head of Shadow Company, a black rook (their symbol) and a USB drive containing a short clip.

Warzone Shadow Company

Letter From Shadow Company

Warzone content creators like Nickmercs, Jackfrags and Tylerteep all received these packages. Each creator had an original clip within the flash drive. From what Jackfrags pieced together in his YouTube video, we can imagine that the stadium has been destroyed and will now be available for players to explore and fight in. This is a welcome change as stadium had always been a point of interest with little interest. When the circle closed near the stadium it felt like a chore to try and compete in that area.

To keep these theories of Stadium’s destruction grounded, these are still just theories. But with these theories in mind we can imagine that the next season’s battle pass will include more characters from early titles. It is even possible that General Shepard himself will be coming in as a playable character. In all of the clips, the videos have a timestamp of August 5th. It is entirely possible that this is when the newest season will arrive. Until then, it is still anybody’s guess on what will be in the new season and when!

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