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Warzone nuke event brings an end to Verdansk, ready for the new map



After weeks of anticipation, season 3 was released, marking the end of Verdansk. The long-standing Call of Duty: War Zone The map will be replaced once the current nuclear event “Destruction of Verdansk” comes to an end. Players can now jump into the event to see how it all ends. Unfortunately, it is not a given that you can play it.

The event has caused numerous server issues, resulting in many players being unable to test it. This includes extended server queues that, in some cases, exceed half an hour. Even after managing to queue in the new game mode, many players had their game locked before the final cutscene. Fortunately, some players have managed to complete the first part of the event, so we know what happens.

Destruction of the Verdansk event

The War zone The Verdansk nuclear event consists of two different parts. First, players land in a Verdansk riddled and full of zombies. All areas of the map are now infected and flooded with zombies. You need to survive while killing other players and the numerous zombies to see the end of the event.

It’s also not just weapons that players can use to kill you. This event is pure chaos, as monster suits, cluster attacks, and radiation zones surround you. Once all players die or the lobby timer runs out, the final cutscene will play. The scene shows Verdansk being bombarded to take down the zombies and prevent the infection from spreading elsewhere.

For now, that’s all we know. The new map is expected to roll out shortly. As this event is currently the only playlist available, there is no way to play regularly. War zone real battle. If you manage to overcome the server issues and complete the event, you will earn an exclusive Containment Protocol Calling Card.

More playlists will be released as the event continues to showcase any further developments from the War zone Verdansk nuclear event. Make sure you keep an eye out for the officer Obligations Twitter account for future developments.

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