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Watch the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller in action here



PlayStation 5 is promoting a whole new level of play. Whether that be with the new games, the advancements in sound tech, or the new DualSense controller, it’s a big leap forward. Make no question about it, this is “next-gen”.

Today, gaming industry vet Geoff Keighley debuted first hands-on footage with the new DualSense controller. In the livestream, he plays a demo of Astro’s Playroom, a sort of tech demo for PlayStation 5. Astrobot was used for a free tech demo on PS4 and then eventually evolved into a platformer for PSVR.

In the demo, you can see all the features of the controller from incredibly detailed sound to tension in the triggers. Keighley at one point even blows into the controller to move a fan inside of the game. This means you can interact with the game in the real world beyond simple button inputs. Of course, it’s up to developers how they want to use these functions.

We may see a lot of developers tinker with these features for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller in the first year but get quickly dropped after that. A lot of times, developers see these as gimmicks that don’t get utilized in as many games.

Most PlayStation developers historically use these kinds of features to some extent. Quantic Dream used full use of gyro controls to have motion controls in their games. The Last of Us would have you beat on your controller if the battery on your flashlight was dying. Sucker Punch required you to shake your controller to use a spray paint can in Infamous: Second Son. The list goes on.

As for third-party developers, since Xbox doesn’t do anything like this, it makes it more difficult to implement features like this. Still, fun to have when used properly. Keighley also spoke to PlayStation worldwide head of marketing Eric Lempel who gave more insight on the controller.

Lampel noted they want to give developers more options and play to the idea of senses. With sound, touch, and more, there’s a focus on innovation and pushing the boundaries of play.

The PlayStation 5 will release this holiday season. You don’t have to worry about Sony dropping pre-orders at a random hour on a random day, though. Lampel confirmed they will give you a heads-up for when pre-orders will go live. There should be plenty of units available for launch as Sony aims to have 10 million consoles this holiday.

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