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“We are not a margarine family”



Silvia Abravanel, former presenter of 'Bom Dia & Cia'

Silvia Abravanel, former presenter of ‘Bom Dia & Cia’

Photo: Disclosure

Silvia Abravanel51, criticized Tiago Abravanel34, for saying that he was not close to his relatives after leaving ‘Big Brother Brasil 22’, from Globe. “Actually, I didn’t watch the show, so I don’t know what he said inside and outside. But, it’s his opinion and that’s his problem and not mine”, he said.

In an interview with ‘Programa de Todos os Programas’, Silvia pointed out that the Abravanel clan is not a perfect family and that, therefore, it is common for some people to be closer to others. “We have our group, we talk, when there’s a fight we get together, but we’re not a margarine family,” she admitted.

Along the way, Silvia Abravanel has already received a lot of criticism, for being Silvio’s adopted daughter and even for having a program on her father’s station, the channel SBT.

“They talked about my adoption, that I wasn’t supposed to forget that I was adoptive, personal things, you know? I’m proud to be an adoptive! But don’t take it as a bad thing for my life. Don’t meddle in my personal, you know? people have been cruel to me,” he explained.

Also during the interview, the former presenter of ‘Bom Dia & Cia’ surprised her by revealing that she already wanted to work with veterinary medicine, however, Silvio Santos prevented her. “He tried to block it out in every way because he wanted me to continue with him on TV.”

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