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We now know what Epic paid for some of the games it gave away for free



Games that are given away for free on the Epic Games Store feel like a given right now. Invariably, I sign up, every once in a while I say, “oh, great,” and claim anything I’ll probably never play. But we knew that Epic Games had to pay quite a bit to be able to do such a thing. However, how do we know this? As you probably know, Epic is currently embroiled in a fierce legal battle with Apple, and when it constantly presents evidence to court, much of it becomes public. Specifically, a document uploaded to Twitter contains information on the first nine months of Epic’s effort to attract new users.

Simply put, Epic spent over $ 11 million in just the first nine months. To put that in perspective, the company has basically been giving away games non-stop for two and a half years, which means the running total is certainly substantially higher right now. Of course, the cost spent varies greatly depending on the game. The document breaks down how much Epic paid to do the giveaways, plus how many times the games were claimed. The document also details how many of those plaintiffs created new EGS accounts solely to obtain said game. It is quite fascinating.

Everybody wants something for nothing

If you are wondering what is the highest amount for a single game, surprisingly it is for Subnautica. Epic Games spent $ 1.4 million to give away that game, and more than 4.6 million people claimed it. Of those 4.6 million, 800,000 of those accounts were new. No wonder they spent so much. Epic also paid $ 1.5 million for the Batman Arkham Trilogy, which was claimed nearly 6.5 million times. Despite the higher numbers, that was nine months later. Subnautica, so they only represented more than 600,000 new accounts. Obviously giving things away Really plays. The tweet below contains the list, which is quite an intriguing read. It really makes me wonder how much Epic Games has spent so far.

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