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What Could Be Announced In The Pokemon Showcase?



We’ve had a lot of disappointing events lately with very mediocre announcements. But the next Pokémon event could make all Pokémon fans happy.

New Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

Since we saw the DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, it’s been a while since another season pass might not be out of the picture. It is the most ambitious prediction, since it had not happened before. But it seems like an entirely new Pokemon game is a long way off, making it look like DLC is likely.


It’s kind of surprising when we didn’t see the Pearl and Diamond remakes in the last Direct. With the new Pokémon event so close to a date before the official Pokémon day. Looks like we got to see the much-rumored Pearl and Diamond Let’s Go-style remake. Although there are many criticisms of the Let Go variation of the Pokémon games. It seems very likely that if we receive an announcement for a remake, it will be Let’s Go.


At almost every Pokémon event, we get some sort of merchandise announcement. Given that Pokemon is basically one of the biggest merchandise companies, it’s not a surprise, but wait for March.


Finally, it is very likely that some spin-offs will be announced, without knowing at what size. It could be anything from a brand new Switch game to a mobile game. It looks like we can get more information on the currently announced Pokemon spin-off.

If we get a big announcement of a spin-off. That could be a massive announcement, as some of the Pokemon spinoffs are considered some of the best Pokemon games.

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