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What do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft?



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There are many different types of mobs in Minecraft ranging from hostile creatures to adorable critters. A creature that combines these two factors is the Polar Bear! This big fluffy ball of cute death can be found in arctic biomes in Minecraft. If you happen to find one, you might be wondering what Polar Bears eat in Minecraft.

The answer is raw fish—specifically cod and salmon. Unfortunately, Polar Bears cannot be tamed and so feeding them won’t suddenly make them your best friend. You can however feed two Polar Bears to cause them to reproduce. This will create a little Polar Bear Cub which is even more adorable.

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The downside of breeding two Polar Bears is that they are very protective of their young. Normally Polar Bears are neutral to the player unless provoked. But once they reproduce, they will defend their cub and attack the player. They are pretty deadly so you had best put some distance between you and their cub or feel their wrath.

As you need raw cod and raw salmon to feed and reproduce them, you will need to get some. The simplest way is to simply craft a fishing rod with three sticks and two pieces of string. Alternatively, you can use Axolotl to farm raw fish or kill Drowned with the hopes they drop some.

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