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What In The World Is ‘Costume Kingdom’? | PS4



‘Costume Kingdom’ for PlayStation just released their trailer today and it looks a bit confusing, to say the least. It took a little more digging to figure out what exactly the title was about. However, first, take a look at the trailer below along with the long description they posted with it.

“Costume Kingdom is a Halloween themed turn-based action-adventure game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. The player takes on the role of “Rain” a young child on a quest to beat the Apex Cup while unknowingly saving Halloween. The Apex Cup is a competition held on Halloween night where the children of Monkchester use their Hallowmon in a tournament to see who is the champion! Build your team of Hallowmon and trick-or-treat your way through the breathtaking Monkchester. It is essential to collect costumes & complete quests to unlock mystical abilities that will aid you in defeating Pineapple & saving Halloween, This is a holiday experience that will warm the hearts of adults and children alike.”

What In The World Is ‘Costume Kingdom’? | PS4

So, it’s a Halloween theme turn-based action-adventure game in an open world. If we’re going to be brutally honest about what this appears to look like, it’s a ‘Pokemon’ style game. You meet and beat characters and Hallowmon brought to life. You’ll gain experience and level them up as you battle through the world and fight powerful and dynamic boss battles.

‘Costume Kingdom’ will be a one-player experience and the release date is still being determined. If this looks like something you’d like, check out the website here. What do you think? Are you interested in ‘Costume Kingdom’? Let us know in the comments below.

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