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What inspired the cartoonishly violent gameplay of Just Die Already



Just die now is an open-world sandbox game with gameplay that revolves around violently shattered older people. It has everything players could want: elderly people, inflatable pool toys you can jump into, roll a cut groin in a narrow area to acquire collectibles, you name it.

I was able to ask game design designer and comedian Armin Ibrisagic some tough questions about aging, blue cars, and Morgan Freeman.

PCI: What inspired you to move from goats to older people? Anytime while doing / playing Goat simulatorHave you ever thought to yourself, “Man, this would be funny with an octogenarian instead”?

Ibrisagic: When you think about it, old people and goats are actually very similar. It became obvious to us that we wanted to make a game about older people as soon as our first prototype was hit by a car. After that we just put more seniors in the game and more craziness that wanted to hurt you.

PCI: As people get older, they tend to worry less about what others think. Are any of the activities in Just die now influenced by things you have heard the elderly say or do?

Ibrisagic: The main things that inspired the activities you can do in Just die now They come from our own predictions of what retirement will look like in the next 30-50 years. In our game, everyone is busy playing video games and no one takes care of the elderly, so they leave you to your own devices. The true purpose of the game is actually to prepare you for the retirement that awaits you if you are playing or reading this interview.

PCI: There is an unlockable hand grenade full of bees in the game. If you had one of those, who or what would you throw it at? And because? And how?!

Ibrisagic: I would pitch it to any game journalist website that gives us a bad review. And yes, that is a legal threat ™.

Just Die Already Interview 2 Gameplay

PCI: How do the characters keep walking after their lower halves separate from their torsos? The world of Just die now Are there black magicians helping the elderly?

Ibrisagic: Relax, it’s not real. They can keep walking when their lower halves are separated from their torsos because they are imaginary game characters.

PCI: The game’s billboards are hilarious. I think I saw a Requiem for a Dream reference too. What is the process for deciding which jokes appear on billboards?

Ibrisagic: Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Generally, the process for making them is for the entire team to present billboard ideas to the artists who make the billboard. Then we start to inhale paint thinner until the voices in our heads tell us which billboards to choose. We also use the same technique to decide on all of our game features.

PCI: All drivers in the game drive the same blue car. Also, they are constantly accelerating and crashing. Why is that? Are all drivers seniors?

Ibrisagic: Good catch. Drivers are constantly accelerating because there are no speed limit signs. If it bothers you as a player, you can divert traffic by placing springboards on the road and causing cars to hit them and bounce elsewhere. You can also destroy cars if that is what you want to do, although I recommend doing it only in the game, because it is probably illegal to do it in real life. That being said, I am not a lawyer so I don’t know.

Just die now Interview 3

PCI: There is clearly a lot of satire in Just die now. What is the main topic the team expected the players to think about while playing? Or am I projecting here?

Ibrisagic: The idea behind the game is to prepare young players for the retirement that they are likely to experience once they get old. We hope that players will be more considerate of older people in real life. In case you really don’t like boomers, our game is also a better outlet for your emotions than interrupting them in real life.

PCI: Organizing a collection of goals as a wish list is very smart. That reminds me of the movie The bucket list. Do you think people will modify Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson?

Ibrisagic: I hope so! We’re not allowed to add real people to our game because lawyers are nerds, but it should be perfectly fine for modders to do so if they want to.

PCI: What is something you wanted to have in the game, but had to cut it off due to time and / or going too far?

Ibrisagic: We had a glue gun that allowed players to attach any object to each other. This was extremely error prone, as a moving car could be connected to another moving car, or a player could be placed on the bottom of a steamroller. We ended up removing it, but we could add it again if enough people start bothering us to do so.

We also had the idea to add an element that can turn any element into any other element in the game at random. You could end up making a broom turn into a sword, a catapult, or a building. Obviously this was something that completely ruined the game and was a great way to induce glitch. I still miss it though, as I enjoy churning out errors.

Just Die Already Interview 4 Gameplay

PCI: Like the last question, what kind of guidelines were in place to ensure that the game content didn’t go too far with humor?

Ibrisagic: Right now the game is violent, but not as violent as, say, Itchy & Scratchy in The Simpsons. So we think that as long as we don’t go beyond that, everything should be fine. Right..?

PCI: I am concerned about an elderly man driving a bulldozer into traffic, even in a video game. What action in the game would you like the most? not Do you want to see a replica of an older person?

Ibrisagic: I highly recommend seniors to tie fireworks to their bodies to try and hit any blimp flying over their city. In fact, anything you could do in Just die now It would discourage people from doing it in real life. And that includes crossing the street or putting on a hat.

We would like to sincerely thank Armin Ibrisagic for taking the time to warn us about hats and threaten us with bees. I learned a lot and I’m sure you have too, kind reader. Be sure to check back with us this week when our Just die now the review is published. I’ll add pictures of the bloat in an update if Armin isn’t happy with the score.

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