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What Is Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends?



The Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends is one of the most useful jungle buffs in the game. Formerly known as Hurricane Ward, the Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends allows heroes to slide in the direction they face after a one second delay. Players who have acquired the buff can also slide through walls, allowing them to escape tricky situations similar to dash skills. The extra mobility afforded by this buff is one of the reasons this buff is actually preserved for emergencies. Here’s a quick look at Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends and how you can maximize its benefits in your matches.

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What is Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends?

According to lore, the Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends is an ancient arcane containing the power of a cyclone. True warriors can harness its power and use it to face the wind quickly, like a cyclone. However, those who could not control it will simply be swept away by the cyclone and lost forever.

When heroes walk on the Eye of the Storm in ML, they gain the “Might of the Storm” buff. This buff causes heroes to slide forward and also allows them to slide through walls. The effect can only be used once per Cyclone Eye.

There are a total of four Cyclone Eyes on the map. These buffs appear 40 seconds after the start of the match. When used by Heroes, it will respawn after 30 seconds.

What is Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends?Eye of the Storm Locations | Credit: Elgin YouTube

Cyclone Eye can be shared by multiple players, including enemies if they walk on it at the same time. This is a good way to maximize the benefits of the buff and give everyone a temporary mobility boost.

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How to Effectively Use Cyclone Eye in Mobile Legends

Escape after a gank or invasion

A good use of the buff is to escape when being chased by the enemy or to catch enemies off guard. As you pass through the walls, you can surprise enemies farming in the jungle and prevent them from running away.

Crowd controls cannot stop the sliding effect

Heroes who have stepped on the Cyclone Eye in ML will continue to soar even if they are under a stun, immobilize, or any type of crowd control effect. This is useful as a last ditch effort to rush behind a wall when you know you will be knocked out by the enemy.

Channeling skills are not affected by the sliding effect

Channeling skills such as Khaleed’s Ultimate Skill will not be canceled if they walk on Cyclone Eye in ML. Players can use this to their advantage by having slight mobility while still using skills that require a hero to be stationary.

There are a lot of things you can do with the Cyclone Eye in ML. This buff is one of the mechanics that high ranked players abuse when fighting in the jungle. If you see one in Mobile Legends, be sure to weigh the odds and decide if you want to use it now or later.

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