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What is known about worst shipwreck involving immigrants in the English Channel



It is the worst immigrant drama ever recorded in the English Channel that separates the island from Great Britain and northern France, since such data began to be collected in 2014.

The crossing is considered dangerous due to its thunderstorms, frequent mists that reduce visibility and strong currents.

Despite this, every day dozens of immigrants take risks along the way, with the goal of reaching British territory.

Initially, the French government announced that 31 people had died, but then revised the number down. Of the 27 dead, there were at least seven women and three children.

27 people died after the sinking of the boat on which they were in the English Channel. – Photo: REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes

The nationality of the deceased is still not known, nor what caused the tragedy. However, it is believed that the majority came from the Middle East.

French police arrested five people suspected of being linked to the fatal crossing. See the VIDEO below.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron agree to “do everything possible to stop the gangs responsible”

Police arrest smugglers after shipwreck with dead in the English Channel

Police arrest smugglers after shipwreck with dead in the English Channel

But there was an exchange of accusations. Johnson urged France to step up efforts to prevent migrants from crossing, while Macron said the UK must stop politicizing the issue.

Despite the tragic deaths and the extreme cold, around 40 migrants were rescued by an NGO trying to reach the United Kingdom this morning (25) aboard two boats.

A fishing boat sounded the alarm on Wednesday afternoon (24) after seeing several people at sea off the northern coast of France.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin initially said 31 migrants drowned.

The number was then revised to 27-17 men, seven women (one pregnant) and three children.

Darmanin said the boat had 34 people on board. Two people were rescued, of Somali and Iraqi nationalities, and one person is still missing.

Two people are in critical condition in hospital. The French and British authorities carried out an air and sea rescue operation.

Life jackets and personal effects of migrants on a French beach after the sinking in the English Channel on November 25, 2021 – Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

What caused the boat to sink?

The cause of the accident remains unknown. Darmanin said the inflatable ship appeared to be seriously deflated.

He described the long inflatable boat that migrants used as a “boat” and “extremely fragile”. According to the French minister, “it was like one of those inflatable garden pools”.

French police said the boat left the region of Dunkirk, east of Calais.

Remains of an inflatable boat found on a French beach after an accident that left migrants dead in the English Channel in a photo from November 25, 2021 – Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Fishermen in the area said calm weather prompted more migrants than usual to attempt the crossing on Wednesday.

There are reports that around 25 boats attempted the crossing during the day. Five suspected drug traffickers linked to the incident have been arrested.

Two people have already appeared in court and a manslaughter investigation has been opened by prosecutors, Darmanin said.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said the incident represented the biggest loss of life in the Channel since data collection began in 2014.

Boris Johnson said he was “shocked, horrified and deeply saddened” and vowed not to leave “a stone unturned” to stop the human trafficking gangs “who are getting away with the murder”. He chaired an emergency meeting on the subject on Wednesday evening.

President Emmanuel Macron said he would not allow the Canal to become a “graveyard” and promised to find out who was responsible. Your government is holding an emergency meeting on Thursday (25).

Johnson and Macron spoke on Wednesday evening. Downing Street said he agreed with the importance of working with neighboring Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as other European countries, to resolve the issue before people reach the coast French.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the incident was a “tragedy” and that those who died were victims of “criminal smugglers”.

Speaking to BBC News, head of the ports of Calais and Boulogne, Jean-Marc Puissesseau, said: “Even though the sea doesn’t seem that rough, in the middle (of the English Channel) there is still a lot of traffic. waves. It’s dangerous.”

According to Macron, since early 2021, 1,552 criminals have been arrested in northern France and 44 smuggling networks have been dismantled.

Despite this, 47,000 attempts to cross the Channel from France to the United Kingdom have taken place this year alone and 7,800 migrants have been rescued, added the French president.

The UK has pledged € 62.7million (BRL 400million) to France in 2021-2022 to help increase police patrols along its coastal, aerial surveillance and surveillance infrastructure. port security.

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