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What is Pokémon Randomizer Online?



The Pokémon series is one of the most popular franchises worldwide and features over Pokémon and multiple games to play. Despite this, fans of the series have gone above and beyond when it comes to creating fan projects. One of these is Pokémon Randomizer Online. This may leave you wondering what Pokémon Randomizer Online is.

Pokémon Randomizer Online is a browser-based adaptation of Pokémon games. But the catch is that the player has the ability to randomize different elements of the game. This creates a fun challenge full of chaos and surprise, as you never know what to expect when you randomize a Pokémon game.

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How to play Pokémon Randomizer Online

You can find numerous games by searching Pokémon Randomizer Online. There are randomized versions of most Pokémon games available, so you can play through your favorites. The randomized elements of the game can include:

  • Pokémon Locations/Availability
  • Moves
  • Abilities
  • Evolutions
  • Types
  • And more

Most Pokémon Randomizers and Randomized Pokémon games let you select which settings you want to randomize. This lets you dictate just how crazy you want your game to be. You can opt to randomize a few mechanics or go all in and randomize everything.

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