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What Is PUBG Mobile Season 17’s End Date?



PUBG Mobile Season 17 end date arrives in March, bringing the Runic power fashion. The new season is expected to go live in mid-March as the PUBG Mobile Season 17 end date set to be March 21, 2021, according to patch notes from 1.2. After the Season 17 end date, players will no longer be able to access the missions and rewards in the RP section. Player ranks will also be reset and they will receive season rewards. After the PUBG Mobile Season 17 end date, players will receive their Resplendent Dawn Outfit and Skin Line Royale Pass Rewards. Players will receive the “Dayman” plane upon reaching Rank 40.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 had a lot of unique new features like Runic Power mode which gave players powers / abilities through special runes that they can use throughout the match. At the start of the match, players can choose between three runes on Spawn Island.

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PUBG Mobile Season 17 end date will bring a new twist to gameplay

Over the past 17 seasons, each new update has brought something new to the game. There have been a number of leaks that have become popular within the community, and Sameer TG Gaming’s recent reveal has caught the eye. attention of most players. These included two new outfits, one of which is a modern assassin style costume and the other is a futuristic assassin style costume. New weapon skins will include a pink and yellow SCAR-L skin, pink UZI skin and funky golden and gray smoke grenade skin. Like all seasons, PUBG Mobile Season 18 will feature two paid versions of the Royale Pass and one free version. Paid variants, called Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus, are usually available at 600 UC and 1800 UC and this price will probably be maintained for the next one. And as always, all players’ ranking levels will be reset, which means you’ll have to start climbing the rankings again.

The new season will also have a new Karakin map, the sixth map to be released after Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar, Livik and Sanhok. Karakin’s map, which will include Demolition Zone mechanics and only supports Classic Mode which has a maximum of 64 players. Karakin was released on the PC version of PUBG in February 2020. The Map is half the size of Sanhok and shares its dimensions of two by two kilometers with Livik’s map.

Card comparisonErangel (top) is several times the size of the new Karakin map (below). | Source: u / _SJTracks

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