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What is Roblox Stock Price at launch?



Roblox has featured many future features during the Investor Day broadcast in preparation for the company to go public in March. As the date approaches, many investors anticipate the share price at launch.

What is the Roblox share price at launch?

At this time of writing there is no official Roblox market price. the Roblox The company did not announce a reference price during the Investor Day broadcast. However, sources currently expect Roblox share price at launch that It seems to start at or around $ 45 a share. Investors should take this information with a grain of salt, as the company has not yet officially announced a benchmark.

So where does this estimate come from? the Roblox The company’s most recent private round in January 2021 valued each Class A share at $ 45, according to Seeking Alpha’s Donovan Jones. CNBC also reports the estimate of $ 45 per share, referring to the last funding round in January, which increased the independent valuation report in December 2020; originally valued the stock at $ 41.52. This marks a sharp increase from the original valuation. Additionally, Jones approximates the business listing at an estimated $ 28.6 billion.

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the Roblox The company announced many new features for the platform, including layered clothing for Roblox Avatars. Today’s Investor Stream also teased Roblox plans to improve content ratings to attract adult users to the platform. The improved search and discovery features would encourage game developers to create more mature games, attracting a growing adult player base.

We won’t know the official valuation price per share until investors can start buying. Roblox Stock closer to March 10. Until then, we will be sure to update this page as more specific information arrives.

For more information on Roblox brand, check out the full Investor Day broadcast below.

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