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What The Golf?: Tips for you in this wacky, Apple Arcade hit | Articles



The variety is rich

One of the things you’ll notice about What the Golf? is that the unpredictability of each hole is remarkable. You just never know what you’ll be up against. There are different areas, each with their own aesthetics. So, seeing the area visually will give you an idea in terms of the environment. 

But, be prepared to expect the unexpected. There really are no two holes that are alike. That’s one reason why the game is so great, not to mention that is very funny. So enjoy it. It’s a bit of a grind at times, but it can be addicting in a fun way. 

Also, you can freely go back to areas that you already completed so there are no limits. If there is a hole that you really enjoyed playing then you can go right back to it at any time thanks to a room where you can be transported to different areas within the laboratory. So take advantage of the variety while you progress forward in the game. 

Go for the crowns

When you play What the Golf?, each level has holes with three separate objectives to them. The first is usually just an introduction to the hole. The next may require you to shoot for par or complete it within a certain time limit. The last one, which holds the crown, is usually a bit more challenging. 

But, try not to worry because not all of the crown objectives are super hard. There are some that you’ll get with ease, but there are a handful that can be tricky. And they are required to truly progress through the game, but you should make quick work on a chunk of them. 

And for the more challenging ones, just take your time with them. Replay them as much as you need until you get it. There’s no shame in do-overs. Just try to have fun with it and don’t let it frustrate you. It is a very silly game so even in times of frustration it can make you laugh a bit. You’ll be totally fine. 

Do the Daily Challenge

Every day, there will be a new set of challenges for you to get through. It’s a random group of holes that you’d see scattered throughout the campaign mode. This is an excellent way to fine-tune your skills and have yourself prepared for whatever random challenge pops up. 

If you can complete the holes in as few shots as possible, you’ll have a chance to climb up the leaderboard. It’s simply a fun detour away from the main game mode and it’s a good way to get your fix in, playing on just a few random holes. 

And even if you aren’t deep in the main campaign, you may play some of the holes that you haven’t played yet in the Daily Challenge. So when you do come across them in the campaign, then maybe you’ll have a familiarity with them already. 






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