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What We Learned From The Latest Resident Evil Showcase



Although we kind of got a leak of all the information of what would be coming through this showcase. It is still surprising seeing the gameplay of Resident Evil Village and multiplayer mode and some other bits of information here and there.

Arguably, the biggest reveal is that the release date has been confirmed for May 7th, 2021 and will also release on last generation consoles. It was kind of weird that the only thing they mention was the Playstation. Even having an exclusive Demo coming to PS5 called the Maiden. The game does seem to be coming to both Xbox One and Xbox Seires S/X.  

The gameplay 

Instead of any Zombie type enemies this time. It looks like we’re getting Vampires and Werewolves. With the Vampires looking like they’re run by the tall woman and Werewolves are run by her brother. It does look like it is taking a lot more inspiration from older games this time around.

With what looks like a wide range of guns. It also takes inspiration from Resident Evil 4 with the introduction of a new merchant called Duke. Although it was mentioned that they were trying to go for an original look. It just kind of looks like Fat Bastard, which isn’t really original compared to Resident Evil 4’s merchant. 

Then we got two more announcement

Then we got the heavily rumoured multiplayer mode for the Resident Evil Village. This time around called RE:Verse and it puts together a lot of iconic good and bad guys of the Resident Evil series. Looking at the gameplay of the mode it does look like it could be slightly underwhelming as the last modes were not very perfect.

With a lot of glitches and just kind of clunky. This might change when it’s released but looking at it, it doesn’t seem to be a day one release. Then we got a crossover with The Division 2 in the form of some skins based on the Star uniform of Resident Evil. 

After watching the whole event, it is clear to see that Capcom and Playstation have a deal in place. With the PS5 having an exclusive Demo and no mention of it available on the Xbox which kind of just feels weird because a lot of people will know it’s coming to Xbox. All in all, the core games look great and will be released on May 7th, 2021.

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