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What’s left of the Sandinista Revolution?



It is sad, but Sandinismo as a historical experience, politically, no longer exists. What little remains of Sandinismo is found in Sandinista dissidence and not in the government, writes Cesar Sanson, professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN.

Here’s the article.

Photograph: Playback i21 portal.

Here’s the article.

July, 19. Invariably on this date I remember the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution and for two reasons, first because it coincides with my birthday, the association is automatic; second, because of the enthusiasm that this revolution aroused in my generation. A singular revolution, particularly for Christians, in asserting that between Christianity and revolution, there is no contradiction!

He followed the movements of the Sandinista National Liberation Frontvibrated with the red flag of the FSLN and admired, among others, Tomas Borges, Carlos Fonseca Amador, Daniel ortega and Ernesto Cardinal. I still remember the impressive photo of the guerrillas’ triumphant entry into Managua, exactly on the day July 19, 1979. The victory of this revolution has awakened in us enormous joy and enthusiasm. It confirmed our convictions and certainties and, even more, it told us how much Liberation Theology it constituted the correct hermeneutic reading of the gospel on Latin American soil and helped the oppressed in their struggle for emancipation.

Photograph: Playback Tv8 Nicaragua.

I remember friends who walked by Nicaragua after the triumph of the revolution and returned from there excited by what they saw, by the efforts that were being made in the reconstruction of the country and in the central role of Christian militancy on multiple fronts.

Let us now return to the question that entitles this article: What is left of the Sandinista Revolution? The answer is harsh: nothing!

Evidently, the meaning of the revolution, its history, the struggles fought, the martyrs who fell in combat and the conquests cannot be forgotten. Of course, the systematic siege carried out by the USA to stifle the revolution. The government Ronald Reagan sponsored sabotage, guerrillas and terrorism in Nicaraguan territory.

The fact, however, is that the “intervention of imperialism” argument does not justify, does not explain and does not give legitimacy to the authoritarian and anti-democratic acts of the duo Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo that are perpetuated in power. Sandinismo was replaced by Orteguismo.

ortega and his companion for many years control Nicaragua with an iron fist. They rigged the state, controlled the media, financed paramilitary groups, made it difficult to monitor elections transparently, disrespected human rights, persecuted and imprisoned opponents and adopted neoliberal policies to the liking of capital. Even more, they are corrupt. A morally and politically corrupted family oligarchy is what you have in Nicaragua.

Ernesto Cardenal, now deceased, Christian, Marxist, poet and activist, fifteen years ago, in 2007, warned: “ortega is falsely left. It has betrayed the left, it has betrayed the principles of the Revolution, it has betrayed Sandinismo, it has betrayed the sandino and the people of Nicaragua”. Sergio Ramirez, a Nicaraguan writer, who was part of the first Sandinista government junta with Daniel Ortega, says: “we would never have imagined, at the time when we were fighting for the utopia of the revolution, that Nicaragua could ever plunge back into oppression. The youth of today, persecuted to death, are just like we were then, a generation that, like this one, turned its ideals into convictions”!

Another important voice that speaks legitimately of the misdemeanors of the duo ortega-murillo is the ex-guerrilla Mónica Baldotano, former Sandinista commander and minister in the revolutionary government. According to her, “orteguismo has revealed itself as a true institutional dictatorship that has maintained itself with blatant fraud, since 2008, it controls with an iron fist all the powers of the State – Executive, Judiciary, Electoral, Comptroller and Parliament -. Every attempt to build opposition forces, in particular those recovering the Sandinista tradition, was crushed”.

It is sad, but Sandinismo as a historical experience no longer exists politically. What little remains of Sandinismo is found today in the Sandinista dissidence and not in the government.

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