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Where is Camp Cod in Fortnite? (Season 3)



If you are not fully familiar with the map from Chapter 2, you may not know where all the landmarks are located. It got especially confusing because all the water that was submerging the map and making it difficult to access certain areas. One of these locations is a good-sized island that didn’t reappear on the map until quite late in the season!

Where is Camp Cod?

Camp Cod can be found at the extreme southwest of the map at coordinate G8. It’s a large island that the camp has completely taken over, with what appears to be a junkyard, a camp, and a dock of some kind. There is even a small agricultural area and a fairly large house that is nearby that could be someone who lives off the grid!

It is southwest of Misty Meadows and directly south of Catty Corner. It’s quite a secluded place, so you won’t find many players landing there normally.

Why do people search for Camp Cod?

Well, there is a challenge in Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 that you must complete that requires you to light a fire three times. There are only a couple of fires in the area, but you can stoke the same fire multiple times. You can start a fire the first time in a campfire for free and feed it each time for 30 logs. You can only stoke it twice, but you can restart the fire for 300 logs. If you don’t have those kinds of resources, you can head to the other campfire.

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