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Where to find Omni Chips at Shell or High Waters in Fortnite



The latest Fortnite update brought the Week 8 Seasonal Quests along with the new set of Omni Sword Quests for players to complete. Players with the battle pass will have to search for Omni Chips at three different locations, and these are required to unlock various edit styles for the Omni Sword harvesting tool. This week, players have to visit Shell or High Water to collect Omni Chips. 

All Shell or High Waters Omni Chips locations in Fortnite

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Since Shell or High Waters is an unnamed landmark, players may have difficulty locating it. This area is located west of Sleepy Sound and northeast of Logjam Lumberyard POI. We recommend getting a weapon and shields after landing, as opponents would come to this spot to complete the same Quest. In Week 8, players will also have to visit The Joneses and Coney Crossroads to collect Omni Chips. Follow the red circles on the map reference above to locate Omni Chips at this unnamed landmark.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The first Omni Chip is located towards the northern side of Shell or High Waters. Players will find a hedge maze adjacent to a huge white house at this location, and this is where the Omni Chip is hidden.

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The second Omni Chip is located near the campfire beside the main entrance of the white house at Shell or High Waters.

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The third Omni Chip is located on the first floor of the big white house at Shell or High Waters.

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