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Where to find the mysterious Predator ship in Fortnite Season 5



If you are a fan of Fortnite, you will know that the Battle Royale map is constantly changing. After the last update, the map has changed once again. Also, a new exotic weapon has been added to the game called Hop Rock Dualies. Now, it seems that a mysterious spaceship has landed in Fortnite. It is none other than the Predator ship, which suggests that we should expect to see the character in the game very soon. Fortnite seems eager to explore several different themes throughout the game. So far, players have immersed themselves in the world of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. It seems that players will now explore the Predator films.

To complete the first quest for Predator’s Jungle Hunter, you will need to visit the ship. Once you get on a match, you will have to visit Stealthy Stronghold. You will find the crash site to the left of the point of interest. Since Stealthy Stronghold is a relatively small and enclosed area, it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify. Completing this challenge will unlock a Predator banner and a spray. Then you can equip them and show them off in your future games.

When will Predator arrive? Fortnite?

Currently, it is unknown where this track will lead. Perhaps Epic Games is teasing that the secret skin of the battle pass is the Predator. We are already in the sixth week of this chapter, so this would not be unusual. At the time of writing, data-miners have yet to figure out what the mysterious mask could be. Also, it could mean the Predator will roam the map, just like the Mandalorian. However, without any confirmation from the developers, you will have to keep an eye out for more clues in the coming weeks.

Fortnite predator ship

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